Latin Dances

High energy, bubbly, party styles

Cha Cha Cha

Cha Cha ChaA Style of Cuban Dance.

It is danced on the ball of foot, used throughout the dance, no heels!
Hip actions are produced by a controlled use of weight from one foot to the other.

The time signature = 4/4.

Musical accent is on the first beat of each bar.

Tempo = 30/32 beats per minute.

The dance should be started by taking a step on the 1st beat of a bar of music

Counting beats -  1234 & , 1234 &, 1234 &, etc.

Ballroom Jive

Ballroom Jive

A lively variation of a form of Swing Dance.

Time signature = 4/4

Accented Beats 2 & 4

Tempo = 42/44 Beats per minute.







Paso Doble

Paso DobleA `couple` dance portraying bullfighting movements to march music of Spanish origin. 

Time signature = 2/4

Musical accent on the first beat of each bar of music.

Tempo = 60/62 Bars per minute.


Rhumba - my favourite!

RhumbaA rhythmically complexed Cuban Dance (a body dance) using feet & hips as in Cha Cha Cha.

Time Signature = 4/4   Four beats to one bar of music.

Tempo = 27/29 bars per minute.

Counting beats -  234 & 1, 234 & 1, 234 & 1, etc.











SambaA lively Brazilian Dance with strong African influences.

Time signature = 2/4 two beats to one bar of music.

Tempo = 52-54 Bars per minute.














SalsaA club dance that has evolved over the years into a fusion of many Latin dances, such as Merengue & Mambo.

Danced to Cuban & Colombian rhythms.

Time signature 4/4   Four beats to one bar of music.

Tempo. = 40 -52 Beats per minute.